How to Care for Costume Jewelry

How to care for Costume Jewelry

How to care for Costume JewelryCostume jewelry can last for years, in some cases, up to 10 years and more if properly cared for. There are various ways to care for them, first let’s get familiar with what they are made of.

Fashion Jewelry and costume jewelry are made mainly from alloys. So an alloy is a mixture of 2 or more metals to make a different metal, to give greater strength or resistance to corrosion. Brass, copper, are mixed with various high or low end metals to make various grades of costume jewelry. Steel is also used, in the stainless form, and does not corrode.

The main reason why these metals tarnish is their reaction with oxygen in the air. This is why the number one way to care for them, is to keep them in a covered box or container after use. Do not let liquids touch them, whether it’s water or perfume. So next time you are going to take a bath, take out your jewelry, and do not spray perfume.e on them too.

You can also prevent it’s exposure to oxygen by coating with clear nail varnish whenever you buy a new piece of costume jewelry. What’s the longest your costume jewelry has lasted, and how did you keep it? Share your thoughts below.

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