Don’t let children wear golden jewelry

Don’t let children wear golden jewelry

Children are prone to be in danger when wearing golden jewelry or valuable bracelet.

Jewelry until now has been fashionable accessories for girls and woman as it will make our outfit become more attractive. Moreover, wearing silver or golden jewelry bring much benefits to the health. Gold is believed to have relaxing enhancement and blood circulation improvement which regulates the oxygen flow to every part of the body. Golden jewelry can also regulate body’s temperature control mechanism which protects us form outside temperature variation and further boost immune system.

Don’t let children wear golden jewelry

Indeed, valuable jewelries made of silver or gold not only have beauty effect but also relate to health improvement.

However, in society, greediness or dishonesty always exist, evil people usually take advantage of moments to steal expensive things. The victims are children who have little caution toward “stealers” while parents can’t know exactly when the stealer will appear and how they “disguise”. If these evil people want to steal costly rings or bracelet, they might make up a story or reason, then lure innocent teenage girl to help them, or in worse situation, stealers can use violence to get what they want. These hazardous situations usually happen in real life…

Crime committers are likely to disguise and wear normal clothes, then stay in street vendors locating in front of schools to seek “the pray”.

Targeted children wearing expensive or luxurious jewelries will be examined about family background and age. When finishing school, evil people will pretend to be relatives then pick the children up..

When going to an isolated place, they will commit the crime to steal expensive ones from the children. Children will certainly be in panic.

This is a warning for parents not letting offspring to wear golden bracelet or earrings.

So which tactics or things that parents should equipped to children to protect themselves. First, parents should teach children not to follow any words of any strange people that they have never met.

Second, children should not go home alone or pass by isolated places because stealers can take advantage of these moments to harm and steal luxurious things. If something is unfortunately happened, children should shout out loud to attract other people’s attention to give sign of “Help me”. Teenagers can equipped for themselves with protecting skills by using self-defense skills then run away.

In a nutshell, parents and teenagers should be cautious when wearing golden jewelries outside.

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